IBM's new tools help Macs climb the corporate ladder

IBM has announced a new suite of cloud-based IT services that will allow its enterprise customers integrate Macs into their businesses at scale. The new offering is part of IBM's MobileFirst program, and the company developed its new tools after launching its own Mac@IBM program, which saw IBM give employees around the world the option to work with Macs, rather than Windows PCs.

Corporate IT departments, using these new services, can order Macs and have them delivered directly to employees without the need for additional setup.

From IBM:

With these new services, clients can order Macs and have them delivered directly to their employees without any additional set-up, imaging or configuration, saving time, reducing costs and creating a great employee experience. Employees can then quickly, easily and securely gain network access, connect to email and download business applications. The services also can support personally owned Macs that are authorized in a bring-your-own-device environment.

The new software lets companies manage support for their deployed Macs, providing an enterprise app catalog, update management tools, configuration updates, and more.

You can find out more about IBM's new services for Macs from the company itself at the link below.

Source: IBM