iBooks seeing 1 million new users every week thanks to iOS 8

Apple's iBooks ebook store is getting more and more popular. On stage today at the Digital Book World Conference, Apple's iBooks Director Keith Moerer said that the ebooks platform is seeing an average of 1 million new users per week, which he attributes partially to Apple embedding iBooks into iOS 8, according to Digital Book World on Twitter:

.@iBooks is seeing 1 million new users a week, thanks in no small part to #Apple's embedding the platform into iOS 8 #DBW15

Moerer also noted that more book sales are coming from iPhones, rather than iPads, where the platform first made its debut. He also talked about the growth of independent digital publishing, as well as the rise of Spanish-language publishing as an important part of the iBooks business in the U.S.

Moerer also put an emphasis on Apple's way of working with publishers and authors, including the fact that Apple doesn't charge for book placement in the store. From Gigaom:

Another difference between the iBooks and Amazon is that Apple doesn't charge publishers to promote their books on its site. "One hundred percent of our merchandising is editorially focused. We accept no co-op payments, no pay for placement," Moerer said, reciting and then spelling out his email address on stage. "If you're not already working with iBooks, the best way to make that first contact is to send me an email, and I'll make sure that it gets to the right person and we'll get back to you."

Source: Digital Book World on Twitter, Gigaom