iCade 8-Bitty retro wireless game controller for iPhone, iPad

The iCade 8-Bitty retro wireless game controller for iPhone and iPad is enough to make anyone's inner geek run screaming for the order now button. Sadly, it won't be available until later in the year, but it shows just how meaningful iOS has become for old school gaming lovers. All the great games, all the nostalgia of our youth, all the greatest hits from Atari, Sega, Namco, and others are now available on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and thanks to accessories like those from the iCade line, we can enjoy many of them in beautifully crafted arcade cabinets, or soon, with this retro style controller.

The 8-Bitty will have 8 buttons, 4 on the face, select, start, and two shoulder buttons for easy blasting. There's a D-Pad for movement, and it will automatically go into power saving mode when not in use. It's compatible with the same games that already support iCade, including PAC-MAN and over 100 classic Atari games on iPad, like Missile Commander, and even MAME emulators if you've jailbroken. (You can see the full list of currently supported games via the link below.)

It will retail for $24.99 from ThinkGeek, and we'll keep you posted on a release date.