iCloud beta for developers reveals web versions of Notes and Reminders

A developer preview of iCloud, including the new Calendar, Notes, Reminders web apps, and Find my iPhone are once again online. They popped up briefly a while ago, only to quickly disappear, but this time they seem to be stable and in working order.

The iCloud beta and developers sites are intended to let developers test against the Documents in the Cloud feature gaining increased support in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, and other features introduced in iOS 6.

Based on reports by MacRumors, current functionality includes the ability to see all the notes saved on iOS devices, while Reminders shows your fully-synced to-do list, complete with search and status change. Find my iPhone has had a bit of a polish, but nothing insanely new (it still seems to use Google Maps tiles, for example), and by the looks of it, the only thing new in Calendar is the removal of Reminders.

We're also expecting to see Notification Center-style pop-ups when the final version is ready.

iOS 6 promises to bring a few new features to iCloud, such as synced browser tabs, and potentially photo and video sharing with commenting

MobileMe was recently shuttered, setting the stage for Apple's next generation of remote storage and services.

Once upon a time, Steve Jobs said of Android that Apple didn't go into the search business, while Google went into the Phone business, but the fresh emphasis on iCloud is a clear shot across Google's bow. Odds are only hardcore Apple fans will opt for iCloud solutions over Google's, but that's certainly a good start.

Developers, are you getting involved with iCloud for your apps? Is it any better than using an in-house syncing solution? End-users, do you prefer using iCloud to Google solutions? Why or why not?

Source: MacRumors