During my week with iPad Pro, I've come to rely on a lot of iCloud's wireless syncing features, iCloud Photo Library among them. Unfortunately, as I've also been importing and editing HD video to my iPad, I've suddenly been taking up an obnoxious amount of space in my library with those clips.

I ended up having to upgrade to a terabyte of storage over the weekend as a short-term solution; long-term, I'm going to have to sort through these clips and manually delete the ones I don't want—which means deleting them across every computer and device I own.

But what if videos were treated separately from photos? I don't mind keeping those HD clips on my 1TB Mac's hard drive, or on my iPad while I'm editing, but there's no need for them to get backed up permanently to iCloud Photo Library. I'd love to see a toggle that lets you choose to not back up videos to the service (store them locally only), or only uploads them on request.

Is it more fiddly than Apple may want for iCloud Photo Library? Possibly. But as users start to use the iPad Pro more and more to edit high-quality video on the go, we're all very quickly going to run into an iCloud Photo Library problem.

There's one other solution, of course: Let users import directly to iMovie for iOS, and store clips in iMovie's iCloud Drive while working. You can already import clips from iCloud Drive and other locations—why not from an SD card via Apple's camera connector? That way, high-def clips stay in your iMovie library, not in your Photos collection; you can then later organize them and pull them out of iCloud to your Mac's backup solution when you're finished with a project.

Anyone else running into this problem? Have a better way for Apple to address high-quality video and cramped iCloud storage? Let me know below in the comments.