The iControlPad is an accessory to improve the gaming experience on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Using it with your iPhone and iPod touch, you can slip your device inside it and use it as one hand held device; it even charges your device as you play. If you want to use it with the iPad, a simple change of the sides, enables it to become a standalone hand held controller.

The iControlPad works in a similar way to the iCade and actually supports games that work with iCade too. It is basically a Bluetooth controller that emulates the Bluetooth keyboard protocols. The controller currently supports jailbroken apps and emulators such as NES and SNES emulators. This could be expanded upon very soon as one developer has already spoken to Apple about building support for the iControlPad into its official apps. The response was positive with Apple stating that as long as the app uses the official BT Stack and also offers the normal touchscreen support, it would be approved.

If app developers start to build support for iControlPad and the iCade into their apps, we could see them becoming very popular accessories. I find games on the iOS platform to be more than good enough; but constantly struggle with the on screen controls. I think Apple needs to be the one to release an accessory; if it is to become mainstream. I don’t see this happening any time soon!

The iControlPad is available as a standard controller for $56.99 or with the extended sides to house the iPhone or iPod touch for $69.99. Shipping is available worldwide.