If not an iWatch... how about an iRing?

iWatch is all most markets and media outlets are talking about these days because wearables are new and every short-attention-span junky in the world wants Apple to do something new. But what if, instead of an iWatch, Apple went with an iRing? Make all the Sauron jokes you want, but hall-of-famer Craig Hockenberry has put a lot of thought into the possibility and written it all up on his blog, Furbo.org:

Let this sink in for a second: your wearable device is transmitting a signal with a unique identifier that can be picked up by an iOS 7 device. And the proximity detection is sensitive within a few inches. Presumably, this signal could be also be detected on your Mac as well, since they have supported Bluetooth 4.0 since mid-2011.

By wearing this ring on your finger, your devices can know how close you are to them.

Personally I still think a wrist device is the more likely alternative, though an iWatch would be to a traditional watch as the iPhone was to a traditional phone. However, the future is open to many possibilities and I'd love to see Apple solve the problems Hockenberry innumerates.

Check out his article and then let me know — iWatch or iRing, which one holds more appeal to you?