If you're updating your app for iOS 7, please take a moment to consider accessibility

A lot of developers will either be updating their apps to fit the new look and feel of iOS 7, or launching entirely new apps to coincide with its release. While that's no doubt going to be a stressful, exhausting process all on it's own, it's also a landmark that seems like the perfect time to consider either adding or improving accessibility features as well.

Apple offers an incredibly robust set of accessibility features for developers who have the time and will to implement them, and it can make an incredible difference to people with visual, auditory, motor skill, or other challenges. It can not only make your app usable by them, but it can help make their lives better. WWDC videos highlight accessibility for a reason. It matters.

Noted accessibility expert Doug Russell spent some time with us on Iterate explaining how accessibility can be added to virtually any app, and sharing some resources for doing it. He was later tapped to handle accessibility for Vesper, which included it in version 1.0.

Give the show a listen - or a read - and then look over your iOS 7 plans and, if you're not already, see if you can fit accessibility into your release schedule. So many people will be glad you do,