As is customary with any new Apple release, the guys over at iFixit have got their hands on an iPad Air and proceeded to do what they do best; take it apart. It's as cool as ever to see what's inside, but the downer is that the Air scores pretty low on the repairability front.

iFixit has given the iPad Air a pretty lowly 2/10. On the positive side the LCD and glass on the front are separate components, so that at least is an aid to any replacements due to cracking, or worse. The battery causes some issues, not so much from a soldering perspective, but from the amount of glue holding it in place and spring contacts on the logic board that traps it in place. Looks to have been a frustrating time trying to get that thing out of there!

Any DIY-repairers out there disappointed with what you're seeing?

Source: iFixit