Those teardown fanatics at iFixit have been at it again, this time with the new 16GB iPod touch. Since the new one is virtually identical to the current 5th generation device, you wouldn't expect there to be much in the way of internal differences. And, you'd be right.

The main changes to the internals are where parts have been omitted on this new model. No camera and no strap loop holder means no parts for either of those, and inside the new iPod touch there is simply a void in both locations. The lack of the rear camera has meant some of the ribbon cables towards the top of the device have been slightly re-routed, and the microphone has now been moved up top instead of being rear facing as on the other 5th gen models.

Otherwise all other parts and construction are identical to the 32 and 64GB iPod touch. No unicorn dust or Leprechaun's gold inside, but for hardware nerds it's always cool to see whats inside our favorite devices without having to do it ourselves. The 16GB iPod touch hasn't been with us for long, but have any of you guys picked one up yet? How are you feeling about the lack of a rear camera?

Source: iFixit