iFixit's iPad mini with Retina Display teardown reveals huge battery, unicorn dust

iFixit wasted no time after yesterday's surprise launch of the iPad mini with Retina Display to get their hands on one and tear it apart to see how it's built. The results are in.

iFixit discovered that the iPad mini's Retina Display is made by LG, working at a higher pixel density (326 pixels per inch) than the bigger iPad Air. A 24.3 watt per hour battery is inside, a 50 percent increase in juice-carrying capacity compared to the "standard" iPad mini. The central brain of the iPad mini is an Apple A7 processor clocked at 1.3 GHz - the same speed as the iPhone 5s, just a skosh slower than the iPad Air.

Perhaps predictably, given Apple designs of late, iFixit has given the new iPad mini a very low repairability score - 2 out of 10. Red marks against the iPad mini include excessive use of adhesive, hidden screws, and a soldered Lightning connector. On the flip side, the breakdown mavens were happy that the LCD and glass aren't fused together, which should simply screen replacement, and the absence of solder on the battery, making that easier to replace, as well.

Is the iPad mini with Retina Display's repairability a factor in your decision to get one? Or do you leave the tinkering to the experts? Let me know what you think in the comments.

Source: iFixit