iHeadCase for iPhone aims to fix your headset headaches

iHeadCase is KickStarter project for an iPhone case that includes a compartment in the back for you to store your wired headset. There are two versions in the pipeline -- a hardcase and a leather case -- and if tangled, mangled, or lost headsets are a source of frustration for you, they're something you'll want to check out. I had the chance to see the prototypes at Macworld 2012 and they looked good. The storage compartment makes them big, no way around that, but the curved design -- almost Palm Pre like in it's river-stone shape -- minimizes any of the typical issues that size would cause.

It stays true to the aesthetic design ethos of Apple's iPhone 4 yet adds a curve at the back, embodying the smoother lines of the popular 3GS and providing a more natural grip for the phone. It's made of polycarbonate which is very light yet strong and durable. The headphones are stored at the back of the case but uniquely concealed from view. There are no protruding earbuds or visible hanging wires to catch in your pocket. We believe that people who buy an iPhone appreciate its beauty and form as well as its function, and an iPhone 'coutured' with an iHeadCase would easily complement a naked iPhone. Our innovative Headphone Storage System protects fragile earbuds and keeps the cable neatly stored away tangle-free whilst allowing for a fast wind and unwind. Most of the Kickstarter reward levels come complete with standard Apple-style headphones but these are interchangeable if you want to use your favorite brand of headphone instead (most standard headphones are compatible). And a final feature: the back cover when opened doubles as a stand for landscape handsfree viewing.

iHeadCase has two hours left on KickStarter, so hit the link below, check out the pictures and video, and see if it's the case you -- and your headset -- have been waiting for.

Source: KickStarter