The iLuv Skin Case is definitely an extremely thin case. It is made of a soft rubber silicon material that feels extremely smooth to the touch. Some people may be willing to sacrifice a little bit of protection to have a thinner more portable case but in my opinion, this case was more than a little too thin.

If you want something extremely thin and don't plan on transporting your iPad very far in this case, you should be okay. Other than that, this case is more for looks than anything else.

I wouldn't say it's durable by any means. And after taking the case off and putting it back on a few times, the material starts to lose its shape. This is the sacrifice you'll make by using a case as thin as the iLuv skin case. In my honest opinion, I'd probably step up to a case that is a little thicker. Sure it may cost you a few more dollars but you'll be buying another one of these pretty quickly since it'll lose its shape. I'd even go as far as to say if you snag it on something, it will tear very easily.

iLuv makes several other great cases that don't sacrifice protection when it comes to making a sleek case. I'm not quite sure why they compromised so much on this one.

The iLuv Skin Case is available in the TiPb iPad Accessory Store as well as several other cases. If you already have this case, let us know what you thought of it in the comments.


  • Extremely thin and adds virtually no bulk


  • While it may be thin, it adds next to no protection
  • Material feels cheaply made and very flimsy
  • No grip means your iPad may be more likely to slip out of your hands

TiPb iPad 1.5-star rated

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