IMDB for iOS adds movie ticket purchasing

IMDB - the Internet Movie Database - has been an indispensable web site for movie buffs. The web site provides detailed information about movies past, present and future - links to the cast and crew, writers, studios and everyone associated with the project. If you're a movie trivia fan or just like spouting dialogue from your favorite movies and want to make sure you get the quote right, IMDB is a great resource. And now the iOS app is even better.

IMDB for iOS has just been updated to version 3.3. The free app provides you with access to the free web site's compendium of movie knowledge, using an interface that's thoroughly optimized for mobile devices. And the new 3.3 release adds, for the first time, the ability to buy movie tickets from directly within the app. That function is available only to U.S. citizens, for now.

Other changes include more celebrity bios than before, and linkage to the Amazon Mobile app for iOS so you can more easily buy movies and soundtracks. Tap the "Coming Soon" bar above the title to add a reminder to your Calendar when a new film is released.

iPhone users also benefit from this release - movie and celebrity pages have been updated with one-tap access to the cast and crew filmography. You can add more movies to your Watchlist, too.

IMDB warns that this will be the last version of the app to run on iOS 5.

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