IMDb Movies and TV app updated, now includes Amazon Instant Video integrationThe hugely popular app, IMDb Movies and TV has received a significant update with some nice shiny new features. If you are a user of Amazon Prime then you are in for a real treat as titles that you peruse on IMDb that are also available on Amazon Prime will have a link that will allow you to watch them instantly; as long as you have the Amazon Prime app installed on your iPhone or iPad.

Titles available on Amazon Prime feature a link to watch if the Amazon Instant Video app is also installed (iPhone/iPad)

Special Oscars® section: list of nominees and photos from the red carpet and ceremony and live winners on iPhone and iPad during the ceremony

Recommendations: tap on the “i” in the corner of the poster to see why it’s recommended for you, rate the title if you’ve seen it, or indicate “not interested” (iPad)

Improved accessibility for TV episode navigation (iPad)

Updates to side navigation (iPad)

Bug fixes include episode picker in VoiceOver (iPad)

The Oscars season is upon us, with the big event scheduled for next Monday. With the new IMDb update, you get a special Oscars section which is updated during the event as the winners are announced. To be honest, if you are into Movies then you must have the IMDb app. It is the best database of movies and TV shows by a mile and includes every bit of information any movie buff could possibly want. On top of that, there are trailers for most movies and TV shows so it is an excellent way to kill some time.

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