The all new iMore app for iOS 7 launched recently, and while the team worked incredibly hard to bring you all of the awesome there were a couple of bits that had to be left out. One such feature was a landscape viewing mode that we know a lot of you wanted, and the good news is with version 3.1, it's back!

Anything you might want to do in landscape mode such as reading articles, watching videos, text entry etc is now all possible in version 3.1. It works great, and we know you guys are going to love it!

We've also got fixes for a couple of annoying bugs, because no-one likes those. One we received a lot of feedback on was the app icon not showing properly when downloaded onto an iPad. There's a fix implemented for that and so hopefully now you should be able to see the amazing new Marc Edwards designed icon in all its glory on your iPad. There's also a fix for crashes that were seen when using the Control Center playback controls in iOS 7.

The latest version is now live in the App Store, and we really appreciate all the time and attention you give us, and we want to give you best app we can in return. So. download it, try it out, and let us know what you think! And if you have feedback or bug reports, drop into the forums thread linked below where we'll continue to monitor everything.

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