iMore Asks: What do you want to see at CES 2012?

CES 2012 is almost upon us and while Apple wouldn't be caught dead at the show, there will certainly be plenty of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad accessories crowding the halls, perhaps some new apps for the new year, and who knows -- maybe yet another dummy iPad leak?

We'll have Rene, Leanna, Ally, Jared, and the whole Mobile Nations crew live at the event to bring you the very latest and greatest CES 2012 has to offer.

So my question, iMore Nation, is this -- what do you want to see? What hot new cases do you want? What amazing new accessories? What killer new apps? Last year we had iPhone blood pressure readers, remote controlled drones, car starters, robot balls, and tons of other super sweet tech -- what can they do to top themselves this year?