Every week, the editors at iMore carefully select some of our favorite, most useful, most extraordinary apps, accessories, gadgets, and websites. This week's selections include a social network for TV and movies, a great drawing app, an app that looks back at past updates you made on your favorite social networks, a fun app filled with random, crazy facts, a horror action game, a classic strategy board game, and a Twitter and ADN client.

GetGlue - Ally Kazmucha

I've used GetGlue for a long time and still continue to enjoy using it almost on a daily basis. The premise is simple; check into what you're watching, reading or listening to. From there you can view others comments, accumulate stickers you can actually get physical copies of, and converse with others. It may seem like FourSquare for entertainment and it pretty much is but my favorite part of GetGlue is that I've found many interesting shows, music artists, and other media I may not have found otherwise. It can also lay out all your tv shows in one place somewhat like your own personal guide.

Once you start adding friends on GetGlue you can view their activity. I frequently find myself browsing people's profiles that have interests similar to mine. A lot of the shows I watch on a regular basis I've actually found out about through friends on GetGlue. It's a great service and something I'd highly recommend checking out if you're on the hunt for good shows, music, books, video games, and more.

Paper by FiftyThree - Joseph Keller

Paper is one of my all-time favorite apps. It occupies. Now, I’m not an artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I find something relaxing about drawing. That’s what makes Paper a perfect app for someone like me. There’s a certain elegance in Paper’s simplicity, and it allows you to focus on getting your ideas down rather than obsess over every granular detail of how you should get them down. Paper was recently updated with a Mixer tool that lets you make custom colors, along with an expanded palette of preset colors. If you haven’t tried this app before, now would certainly be a good time to do so.

Timehop - Chris

This week I have gone for an app that will take you for a daily trip down memory lane. Timehop is a free app that will send you a push notification everyday and tells you what you were saying or doing on the same day on years gone by.

When you install the app, you can grant it access to your Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, Twitter and Flickr accounts and it then goes and finds what you said or posted on the same day in years gone by and presents it to you each day. I have only been using it for a few days and each day when I see the content it always makes me smile. It is a lovely way to be reminded of what you got up to in the past. If you are a big user of social networks, this app is a must for you; try and I bet it puts a smile on your face each morning.

Free - Timehop

Weird But True - Chris Parsons

Yup! It's an app for kids and uh.. big kids who have a thirst for useless knowledge like me! It has a ton of cute sounds and funny facts built into, over 300 if you need the exact number. You can bookmark your favorites or even search out specific topics like animals, space, science and more. The app is free to download and fun to use. Can't really ask for much more than that. Just know, on your next car trip you may have your kids reading you all 300 of those facts aloud.

Bladeslinger - Simon Sage

Bladeslinger is a fresh new action game that mashes up western, steampunk, and horror genres with Infinity Blade-style gesture-based melee combat. Players take on the role of William Glaston, a soldier returning from war only to find his hometown full of demons and ominous sigils. It's at this point that he opens up a can of whoop-ass with this six-shooting short sword and electrically-charged mechanical fist. Because those alone aren't enough of an arsenal, the town's spooky new energies start imbuing William with supernatural powers.

The game's graphics are absolutely stunning, the swipe and tap-based control provide a ton of tactical flexibility, and the wide range of special moves and unlockables keep the game extremely fresh. Bladeslinger is one of the more promising games I've played in awhile; pick it up while it's still free.

Carcassonne - Leanna Lofte

I have been playing Carcassonne on the iPad for a couple years now. I never really enjoyed playing on my iPhone's small screen, but the experience is great on the iPad mini. If you aren't familiar with the game, Carcassonne is a famous strategy board game where you must take turns placing tiles with your opponent(s). The objective is to build cities and roads and claim cities and cloisters with the goal of getting as much points as possible. You can play locally on your device or against opponents online. I'm by no means a "hard core" Carcassonne player, but take my turns every 1-3 days. It's fun, challenging, and social. If you're a fan of strategy board games, you'll love Carcassonne.

-$9.99 - Download Now

Watercooler - Rene Ritchie

Watercooler is a Twitter and app.net (ADN) client by InfinitApps that, while it can't cross the streams (not due to the laws of Twitter, not Ghostbusters), it can let you quickly switch from one to the other while staying in the same app. Visually, it looks a lot like Buzz Anderson and Neven Mrgan's Birdfeed, which was one of my favorite Twitter clients before it was sold and perverted into something unrecognizable and unusable (yeah, still bitter).

That's the reason, when I saw John Gruber of Daring Fireball mention it, I bought it immediately. While Watercooler feels a little slow when loading any particular stream for the first time, once the load is done it's quick and clean. It also has an option to view the global ADN feed. Most everything else is there as well, along with a bunch of really interesting stuff, like tapping on your tweets to see conversations, favorites/stars, and more.

There's no push notifications, far as I can tell, and no direct messages for Twitter, which will be a deal-breakers for some. but if you use both Twitter and ADN, or just ADN, and remember Birdfeed as fondly as I do, check out Watercooler.

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