Whether you're someone who loves to have a VPN for a little extra security, or someone who's interested in checking out a VPN for the first time ever, it can be difficult to know which ones are stellar and which are less-than-functional.

We're chatting in the iMore forums about VPNs and have to ask: what's your favorite / best VPN for iOS?

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Best paid VPN for iOS


Some people have jumped on the TunnelBear bandwagon:


I really like Tunnelbear


While others have talked about paying a little bit extra to get the best VPN value...

Sandy Roberts1

I think the most affordable VPN for iOS is PIA and PureVPN, but if you prefer a flawless VPN service and ready to pay a few extra dollar for the desired quality then I would recommend ExpressVPN which is the best.


... and others loved ExpressVPN.


Anything labelled as BEST can have two impacts on an individual. Either he would be suspicious of how could it be called the best or he would put complete trust on the word best. I am using iPhone 6 and running ExpressVPN which I recently bought to keep my iPhone secure from malwares like XcodeGhost which I heard of from certain news websites and serously, that scared me and make me to think...


What do you think?

Is there a particular VPN that you've been using with your iOS devices that you can't possibly get enough of? Hop on into the iMore discussion and forums today to share your opinions and have your voice be heard!

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