Despite no official word from Apple, the whole world is expecting a new iPhone event on September 10 where we may get not one, but two brand new iPhone's; the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c. And, with every new piece of hardware, comes a new forum for you, the iMore readers. That's right, the iMore iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c forums are both open for business!

The rumor mills are churning at full speed, with most expecting the iPhone 5s to be a refresh on the current iPhone 5 with perhaps a better camera, a fingerprint scanner under the home button and a dual-LED flash. The iPhone 5c is reportedly the much rumored 'lower-cost' iPhone with a plastic casing as opposed to the metal that adorns the iPhone 5. Word is we may see both on September 10, so be sure to jump into the new forums to get the discussions going.

We're also going to be running our daily show, iMore Today, on weekdays leading up to the iPhone event in September, where Rene Ritchie, Peter Cohen, myself and possibly other members of the iMore and Mobile Nations teams will be discussing everything Apple.

And of course, don't forget that iMore is offering you the chance to win a $500 gift certificate towards the new iPhone of your dreams with our latest contest. There's a whole bunch of ways to enter, so be sure to check them out and get your name in the hat!