iMore show and ZEN & TECH double double features today! Watch them all here!

We're playing a massive amount of post-WWDC, inter-Talk Moble catchup here this week, and to take it to it's most extreme level, we're not only doing both the iMore show and ZEN & TECH today, but we're doing two episodes of each of them! That's four podcasts back-to-sorta-back today! Here are the details!

  • 1pm PDT/4pm EDT/9pm BST: iMore show 353 with Peter Cohen and Daniel Jalkut.
  • 5pm PDT/8pm EDT/1am BST: iMore show 354 with Brain Klug
  • 6:30pm PDT/9:30pm EDT/2:30am BST: ZEN & TECH double feature with Georgia

We'll post the shows a few days apart so no one's feeds get jammed, but if you want to catch them all now, today, live, be here!