Have you checked out our forums lately? The community is growing and the commentary is getting better and better each day. Unconvinced? I'll bring out a thread, a post, a topic, or a comment directly from the forums and post it on TiPb's front page every week to prove it to you. We here at TiPb love the interplay, quid pro quo, repartee with our readers, so step up your creativity and tighten up your diction, you could be next!

We're going to start with Trevor's post detailing reasons why the iPhone replaced his Crackberry. Trevor didn't just blast his Crackberry into outerspace or dump it in the Hudson River, he provided reasons why his iPhone isn't perfect as well. More than a few of his reasons supporting the iPhone have to deal with its role in the Mac ecosystem and I'd have to agree, the 'it just works' feeling is how technology should be.

However, Trevor, being a former Crackberry user, listed durability as a concern. No worries there Trevor! That glass screen is as resilient as it is pretty!

Go check out Trevor's reasons why the iPhone replaced his Crackberry and tell him what you think!