Have you checked out our forums lately? The community is growing and the commentary is getting better and better each day. Unconvinced? I’ll bring out a thread, a post, a topic, or a comment directly from the forums and post it on TiPb’s front page every week to prove it to you. We here at TiPb love the interplay, quid pro quo, repartee with our readers, so step up your creativity and tighten up your diction, you could be next!

This week we have a question raised by Wegmans wondering if we love our iPhone's soft keyboard. Answers range from resounding yes's to an almost as good as my old phone. Surprisingly, many of the folks who came from Blackberry and Treo have little complaints about the iPhone's keyboard and have actually gotten quite attached to it.

AutoCorrect? Best thing ever. No physical buttons? Saves ourselves from the Blackberry thumbs! However, the forums are still looking for a universal landscape keyboard.

Either way, the iPhone's keyboard is a great implementation of a soft keyboard. For those who haven't tried it, try it out! And for those who have, do you like the iPhone's keyboard?

Go check out Wegmans' thread on if you like the iPhone's keyboard!