GearLive reported Flash for the iPhone was immanent. Adobe retorted that it was all up to Steve Jobs. His Steveness resorted to telling investors that Flash desktop was too big, Flash Lite was too small, and they were missing a product that was juuuusssst right.

Well, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen hopes Apple's newly released SDK will help Adobe deliver that middle ground, with or without Jobs' blessing. Speaking to investors, Narayen said (via Apple Insider):

"We believe Flash is synonymous with the Internet experience, and we are committed to bringing Flash to the iPhone. We have evaluated (the software developer tools) and we think we can develop an iPhone Flash player ourselves."

Hopefully without those peskyprivacy and security problems, b'okay?

Given the restrictions imposed on 3rd party apps, unless Apple gives Adobe "special dispensation" it seems unlikely that even Adobe could get Flash working in an unplugged-in, sandbox environment, but we'll see.

Eerily similar to Sun's Java announcement immediately following the iPhone SDK launch, all that remains now (in terms of rival interactive development platforms) is Microsoft's Silverlight. Balmer, get your dance shoes!