Incipio Lightning Charge/Sync Cable review

Not all cables are made the same. But if they have the MFI logo (Made For iPhone/iPad/iPod), like this one does, you can count on them working well.

I learned that the hard way back in the 30-pin Dock Connector days when I bought a handful of cheap sync cables at a gas station. $5, compared to $19 for a genuine Apple cable! Without exception, all of them were bunk. Well, one worked for syncing. But not a single one worked for charging.

So I'm a bit suspicious of third-party sync cables to begin with. But if it has a "Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad" label on it, it does give me some reassurance — I know that the manufacturer has passed muster with Apple's own certification process.

That's the case with Incipio's Lightning Charge/Sync Cable. Works great, every bit as fast and reliable as Apple's own. Data transfer speed and charging time were exactly the same.

What's more, it's available in a variety of colors. Outside of customization, there are some practical reasons for color too. I live in a house full of iOS device users. Assigning colors to each one of us saves my kids from fighting over whose cable is whose — no guesswork, and less battles for their mother and me to referee.

The cable measures 1 meter (about 3.3 feet), slightly shorter than Apple's cable (by about the length of the USB connector). The housing around the Lightning end of the cable is wider than Apple's. If you're using a bulkier case that has a lot of material around the Lightning port, it may not fit, though Incipio's own waterproof Atlas case accommodate the cable just fine.


  • Works as well as Apple's cable does
  • Comes in a bunch of different pretty colors


  • An inch or two shorter than Apple's cable
  • Bulky housing around Lightning cable may not fit some cases

The bottom line

There isn't much sex appeal or pizzazz to Lightning cables, so I don't have a lot to get exuberant about here. Incipio's cable works well and offers you some color choices that you don't get with Apple's, so it's worth considering.