The Incipio Premium KICKSTAND Case with Stylus for the iPad packs a lot of features into one solid package. Not only is it a folio with a secure flap, but as the name implies it comes packing a kickstand for excellent -- and multiple -- viewing angles, and even a stylus pen for note-taking, drawing, and gaming.

Incipio Premium KICKSTAND Case with Stylus for iPad review

Thanks to its durable, rip-stop nylon exterior, the Incipio Premium KICKSTAND Case with Stylus can more than hold up to the every day wear and tear that occurs when taking your iPad out and about. The soft micro-suede interior keeps your iPad safe and cozy inside as well. Slide it in and it stays in until you slide it out.

You have good access to all the ports and controls, at least as good as any folio-style case can provide. But the big story here is the kickstand. Since the iPad doesn't have a built-in kickstand like the Microsoft Surface, accessories have to pick up the slack. And I'm not going to lie -- I like them a lot. The kickstand on the Incipio Premium is really flexible, allowing you to position it for typing and for video watching with ease.

Thanks to the mini front flap, you can even adjust the video viewing angle to one of three options.

As to the stylus, it's sort of a bonus. If you're serious about your stylus pen, you'll probably have picked one specifically for your needs. If you haven't got one already, the Incipio is fine for every day use.

The good

  • Solid build
  • Flexible kickstand options
  • Includes stylus and stylus storage

The bad

  • Folio cases are bulky

The bottom line

I love the Incipio Premium KICKSTAND Case with Stylus for the iPad. It's a folio case taken to the extreme. More protection. More kickstand. More angles. And a stylus. It might be overkill for some, but for those looking for a great case with all the bells and whistles, the Incipio Premium is a great place to start.

Now if only they could sneak a multitouch keyboard onto the inside of that flap...!

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