Incipio is doing Apple's HomeKit the way it's meant to be done — an app lets you set homes, rooms, zones, actions, etc. and Siri lets you control it all with your voice. They have a light socket and power plug on the way, and Serenity and I checked it all out at CES 2015!

The concept is simple — and exactly what Apple showed off at WWDC 2014. Incipio's app lets you set up or modify the HomeKit system, and Siri lets you interface not only with the Incipio socket and plug, but any other HomeKit-enabled devices attached to the system. That means no more separate fiefdoms, no more folder full of apps, just your iPhone, your home, and the power to tell anything and everything in it to turn on and turn off.

Personally, I can't wait to yell out "Siri, crash the compound!" when I have a beverage, some snacks, House of Cards 3 loaded up, and the desire not to be disturbed.

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