iNdependence 1.2.5 (Mac only, sorry Winlosers) is out and ready to liberate iPhones running firmware 1.1.1. This release comes complete with full SSH support, as well as anySIM 1.1 pre-installed... for those of you crazy brave enough to brick unlock your iPhone.

Now before you go trotting off to download this app on your Mac, like the slutty iCrack whore that you are, a word of warning: Unlocking, be it through anySIM or other hackery, can be a risky endeavor that may result in damaging your iPhone. The process used by such apps involves monkeying with iPhone's baseband settings, the all important and tightly guarded driver software that controls phone connectivity, or lack thereof. If something should go wrong during the unlock execution, your iPhone becomes an expensive paperweight. At least until such time as the hacking community can create a fix to reverse the damage. So I do advise caution, and common sense... two qualities that are sorely lacking in me.