iOS developers on the west coast might be just a little bit peeved that WWDC sold out before they were even awake, and even more may have been cut out from the fun today as Apple canceled some tickets. Luckily, another event called the Indie Developer Lab has been put together for the same time (June 11 - 14) and only a few blocks away from the Moscone Center at The Box (it's fancier than it sounds). Tickets are considerably cheaper at $100/day as an early bird special, compared to $1600 for the whole four days at WWDC.

The show will host a contest called the IDL Remix, where groups of one to three developers will be given some rough source code, and they have to turn it into a polished final product. There's no mention of what the prize is, but it should be a fun little exercise nonetheless. Otherwise, you'll be able to code away in a nice, relaxed environment with lots of other clever programmers to meet and help you out.

The guys organizing this show are @kinkadius, @natetrue, and @flawlessfox of JailbreakCon. So, IndieDevLab may also be a good place to talk about operating outside of the Apple-approved ecosystem, if you're into that sort of thing.

If this sounds like your bag, you can register via the link below.

Source: Indie Dev Lab, via @kinkadius, @natetrue, @flawlessfox