Indie game publisher Polytron Corp. has, at long last, released its long-promised Mac version of Fez, the unusual platform action game created by outspoken developer Phil Fish. It's available for download now from Steam for $13.99, but you can get a better deal through the Humble Bundle.

Fez is a platform action game with a twist. You're Gomez, a happy go lucky denizen of a two-dimensional pixelated world. One day you encounter a mysterious object that gives you a magic fez that enables you to perceive the world in three dimensions instead. While your 2D world is still very real, you can now change perspective backward and forward to see places you've never seen before, and to encounter people (and things) you've never met.

Fez's developer, Phil Fish, has long been a magnet for controversy because of his outspoken personality. Fish recently publicly walked away from game development (cancelling Fez 2 in the process). At the time, Polytron said that Mac plans to publish Fez remained unchanged, so it's good to see the Mac port finally come to fruition.

Fez is also available as an unlockable game as part of this week's Humble Indie Bundle deal, packaged with several other indie games. If you're looking for a great bargain, check it out: the Humble Bundle lets you decide what the games are worth. You pay whatever price you feel is fair, and if you exceed the average, you'll be given two extra games.

This week's core Humble Indie Bundle comprises Trine 2, Mark of the Ninja, Eets Munchies Beta, and Brütal Legend (Double Fine's hilarious heavy metal fantasy starring the vocal talents of Jack Black). If you pay more than the average - right now $4.58 - you'll get Fez and FTL, a strategy game, as well. Proceeds are divided up between the individual developers, The Humble Bundle, and charities including Child's Play, Watsi and The Electronic Frontier Foundation.