Indiegogo for iPhone

Indiegogo, the prominent crowdfunding community second only to Kickstarter, is gearing up for a global launch of their first iOS app. It's currently built for iPhone and available only in Canada.

Indiegogo for iPhone has a recognizable suite of features.

Support a campaign:

  • Discover recommended campaigns
  • Explore and follow campaign categories
  • Claim campaign perks - everything from cool new devices to walk-on movie roles, custom art and more
  • Share your favorite campaigns with friends

Run your own campaign:

  • Get notified each time you receive a contribution
  • Manage comments
  • Post campaign updates, including photos, on the go
  • View campaign contributors and send them thank you notes
  • Send custom messages to contacts and Facebook friends
  • Promote your campaign on social networks

Kickstarter has had their own app for awhile, but between the two, you're bound to always find some interesting iOS-related projects, either for games or accessories. If you happen to live in Canada, get downloading at the link below. As for the rest of you, we'll keep an eye out for when the app goes live globally.

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