The Infinite Loop is a rather clever stand that you can use for your iPad or iPhone. It has been designed by Tim Gushue and it is currently seeking funding from Kickstarter.

The InfiniteLoop is a simple solution to making the iPad truly useful. It helps the iPad to deliver on it’s versatility when reading in bed, watching a movie on a plane or doing Facetime on the go. The InfiniteLoop was born out of the frustration with not being able to find an iPad stand that could accommodate all uses.

It is basically a loop of slim bendable metal coated in a plastic material that you can bend into many shapes; to fit different usage scenarios. Because of the way it bends, it has a huge advantage over other products. Another advantage is the way it holds your device; it is not device specific which means any new iPads or iPhones will not require a new stand. It will also be available in a mini version suitable for your iPhone.

The designer is looking for funding of $27,500 before going into production, it has already gained over $7000 in pledges with 27 days left to run.

Take a look at the video after the break and let us know what you think, hit or miss?