We all love a bargain, and one such recent example was Apple's 5th anniversary of the App Store promotion that saw a range of apps and games, like Infinity Blade 2, go free for a limited time. Such offers will always entice a good number of new downloads, but Infinity Blade 2 it seems has really come out on top. In the seven days of the promotion, Infinity Blade 2 saw a massive 5.7 million new players, with 1.7 million coming in just the first day alone.

These download figures are three times that which Infinity Blade 2 usually sees in an average week, and since it also offers in-game currency as an in-app purchase, there could be an increased financial reward for the developers. Furthermore, in the same time frame as the Apple promotion, downloads of the first Infinity Blade increased 2.5 times on the previous week, and sales of the Infinity Blade: Awakening eBook were up a staggering 70%. All this at the same time as Infinity Blade: Dungeons was canned. It just goes to show the sheer power a free app promotion can have, especially one backed by Apple. Were you one of the new Infinity Blade players during the promotion? How are you enjoying it?

Source: AllthingsD