Infinity Blade 2 is not set to hit our iOS devices until the beginning of December. The lucky guys over at IGN managed to get their hands on a preview of the game and it looks like it is going to be a really top sequel. According to IGN, Infinity Blade 2 offers far more than just a refresh, it picks up where the first game ended but goes on much further. Infinity Blade 2 is far more story lead and includes more than 40 different combat locations.

Although I liked the original Infinity Blade, I largely agreed with the cadre of critics that cut down the game as being "the same thing" over and over. My time with Infinity Blade 2 has already made me a believer, however. Multiple weapon classes and greater enemy variety keep the combat fresh. A non-linear environment supported by a proper storyline provides the perfect motivation to keep looping through sections of the game multiple times.

Infinity Blade 2 will hit the App Store on December 1st, we don’t know which devices will be supported yet but assume that it will need the grunt of a dual core processor; we will wait and see!

Source: IGN