Best iPad apps: Infinity Blade

The Epic Unreal 3 engine spinning Infinity Blade for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad has just had its first update hit the App Store, so if you've been itching for more action, here's what you get:

  • 5 new Swords, 5 new Shields, 5 new Helmets, and 1 new set of Armor - Collect and Master them all!
  • Maximum Character Level raised from 40 to 45!
  • New Enemy - The MARROW FIEND! This creature is rumored to devour its victims, taking their bones for its blade and shield...
  • Because it's awesome, you can now listen to your own music while playing INFINITY BLADE!
  • PURCHASE GOLD! Due to popular demand, we have added the ability to buy extra Gold via in-app purchase!
  • Optimizations and minor Bug fixes

Interesting that they've added a bit of the freemium model to a non-free game. What do you think about in-app purchase for gold? A way to answer fans demands, a way to make more real money off fake money, or both?