Infinity Blade, powered by Epic’s Unreal 3 engine, was only released on December 9th, but it will receive a substantial update next week. The update will include five new weapons, shields and helmets as well as a new armor set; enough apparently to increase the level cap to 45. A new enemy will also be thrown into the mix; known as Marrow Fiend.

Another update is also in the works thought to be coming in early 2011. This should reveal new areas to explore and a more evolving story and challenging fight sequences.

"We really do listen to the gamer feedback, reading through the various forums," co-founder Geremy Mustard said. "There are some things we agree with and some things we don't, but the things we do agree with we're going to be putting into the game and making it better."

We also know that another future update will bring multi-player to Infinity Blade; unfortunately no date has been put on this apart from coming soon. It will not be included in next week’s update.

This has to be one of the great strengths of gaming on iOS devices -- regular free updates to games, new levels and added functionality. When was the last time a game on another handheld platform received a free expansion update?