Infuse brings its mutli-format video playback to the Apple TV

Infuse, an app for playing a wide variety of formats from a multitude of sources, has come the the new Apple TV. Available as a free update to all Infuse 3 for iPhone and iPad users, Infuse for Apple TV brings the flexible mobile media experience to the big screen.

As you would on the iPhone and iPad app, Infuse for Apple TV can pull video from multiple sources, including your Mac or PC, a network attached storage device, or server apps like Plex. Infuse will automatically grab show or movie artwork from the internet, and integrates syncing to keep your place in a movie or TV show across multiple devices.

You can find Infuse for Apple TV by navigating to the set-top box's App Store and searching for it. Alternatively, if you own the iPhone and iPad app, you'll find it in the Purchased section of the Apple TV App Store.