A new book titled Insanely Simple - The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success from Ken Segall will be hitting the shelves soon. If you're not familiar with the name Ken Segall, then you may be more familiar with his website. Segall runs the popular Scoopertino parody blog and his personal blog, Observatory and has a history of working with Apple, having been Apple’s agency creative director for many years, and working directly with Steve Jobs. Most notably, he was also involved with Apple's Think Different ad campaign and the naming of the iMac.

My observations come from over 12 years of experience as Steve’s agency creative director, from NeXT to Apple. Also relevant to my story are the years I spent on the agency team during John Sculley’s rule at Apple. And then I had some interesting (and often excruciating) experiences in the worlds of Dell, Intel and IBM — which made me even more conscious of what sets Apple apart.

Insanely Simple - The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success will cover the business side of things for Apple. As Segall notes on his blog, "The idea is that in a complicated world, nothing stands out like Simplicity. If you better understand how Apple’s obsession has driven its success, you can adopt the same principles to boost your own organization — or your own career."

If you've made your way through Walter Isaacson's official biography of Steve Jobs and consumed Adam Lashinsky's Inside Apple, then Insanely Simple should be next on your list.

Source: Ken Segall