Instacast, a podcast subscription manager, has received a big update that includes many new features such as AirPlay support, chapter lists, continuous playback, and optimized UI elements. Alas, Instacast no longer supports iOS 3.

  • Dropped support for iOS 3
  • Added Download Waiting List
  • Added resuming downloads after connection loss
  • Added putting downloads on waiting list when switching from WiFi to 3G and 3G not enabled
  • Added chapter lists if available
  • Improved scrubbing and seeking
  • Added cloud based image scaling service
  • Added continuous playback
  • Optimized some user interface elements
  • Added Video AirPlay support to enhanced podcast player
  • Removed option for System Player
  • Added new sort options to episode lists
  • Made Replay after Pause optional
  • Added sending websites to Instapaper and ReadItLater
  • Made Auto-Cache optional for audio and video separately
  • Added Auto-Clear option when a new episode is loaded (now default)

UPDATE: Instacast has blogged about their iOS 5 roadmap. In the short term, iOS 5 users should stick with Instacast 1.2.2, but things should be in order by the time iOS 5 ships. [Instacast blog]

If you pick this one up, let us know what you think! Check out the screenshots after the break.

[$1.99 - iTunes link]

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