Layout is like collages, but for Instagram

Layout offers the option to combine multiple photos in your own custom layouts. Well, "custom" as far as arraying them left-to-right, top-to-bottom, or mirroring are considered to be custom. Within each frame of the layout, though, you'll have full freedom to resize and rotate your images, as well as dragging to adjust the size of each frame.

As you'd be working with multiple photos, Layout only works with photos you've already got on your phone (it'd be a pain trying to do that all in-app with the camera). In addition to making collages with your existing photos, Layout also features "Photo Booth": tap the button, it runs a countdown, then it snaps a series of photos and puts them into a layout automatically. You know, like an old-timey photo booth.

Layout is available today today for iOS users, with it hitting Android "in the coming months".

Source: Instagram