After Instagram rolled out its Stories feature that eerily mirroed Snapchat's, I figured it was only a matter or time before ads began to appear. Turns out, they popped up a hell of a lot faster on Instagram, because it looks as though skippable ads have already started to play between people's IG stories.

In a blog post, Instagram sites its 150 Million active story users as the inspiration to launch ads, adding:

The momentum for stories from businesses is clear, so today we're unveiling tools that inform ephemeral interaction between people and businesses—stories insights in Business Tools, and full screen ads in stories.

Can I skip these ads?

Yes, you absolutely can! Just tap on your screen to skip through the ads.

What ads will I see right now?

The most common ad that's been appearing and advertised so far appears to be for Airbnb, but there are a number of brands that are interested in IG Story advertising

Are these more annoying than Snapchat ads?

They're probably going to be on the same level, so unless you're suuuuper bothered by them, it's not going to ruin your experience.

Will I be able to use advertising on IG Stories? Or is it only for big brands?

Hopefully in the future, smaller companies will be able to use Instagram Story ads to their advantage. But right now, it appears that only bigger names have access to slipping ads between your stories.

What do you think?

Do you think Instagram Story ads are a great idea? Or do you think they're annoying? Let us know ]your thoughts in the comments below!