Instant is a lifelogging app that gives you a detailed overview of your daily activities, including the total time spent on your iPhone. Fitness tracking is available from the iPhone 5s and above, through which you can see the minutes spent walking, running and traveling.

Here's what's on offer with Instant:

  • Automatically tracks daily device usage & daily unlock count, works even in the background seamlessly
  • Tracks fitness and daily travel time
  • Tracks places and time spent at each one
  • Analyze daily trends through graphs and history
  • Set daily limits and reminders as notifications

The app uses GPS to also log the places you visit, and you can even check the number of times you've unlocked your device over the course of a day. A quick view of your weekly device usage and activity is provided through the dashboard, which showcases the relevant information in the form of a chart. Developed by Indian startup Emberify, Instant can now be downloaded from the App Store for $2.99.

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