InstantCam is a new app that claims to decrease the time it takes for you to take a picture with your iPhone. One of the loudest complaints about the iPhone camera, is the time it takes from pressing the camera icon on the home screen to actually being able to take a picture. This app claims to dramatically speed up the process.

Have you ever missed that special moment just because it took too long to start the camera app and press the right button? Do you have children and find it difficult to keep up with their pace? Then this app is perfect for you! InstantCam allows you to launch and start shooting pictures lightning fast! If you want you can even let the app shoot pictures automatically as soon as it's possible! InstantCam is also very smart and saves the images in memory to be as fast as possible when you need it. The images are then saved when the opportunity arises or in the background after closing the app.


  • Minimalistic user interface so that you can concentrate on whats important
  • Continuous shooting (burst) of images (automatic or manual) with variable speed (up to ~1-2 frames/s). All in full resolution!
  • Gestures to easily control the camera functions
  • Photograph by tapping the screen
  • Start burst mode using long press
  • Focus on double tap. If you want you can even have the app take a photo as soon as the focus is found!
  • Toggle Light/Torch by swiping the screen (if supported).
  • Flash the screen on capture

I have been playing with this app for the last few hours and it definitely cuts down on the opening time of the camera lens. My rough tests appear to show that it is ready to shoot in half the time that the stock app takes.

The app costs $0.99 and is compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad 2.

[$0.99 - iTunes link]


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