Instapaper has today announced that the company is changing its subscription model, enabling everyone to download the official app for free. A new premium subscription is now available for $2.99 or $29.99 a year, but for those who are already paying for the service, you'll remain on the old $1 a month plan (as a token of their gratitude). The team states that the new premium model will enable them to add cool new features to the advanced package.

The new Premium model will allow us to keep adding great features to the Premium package. That's what we've been focused on for the past year, and that's what we'll be obsessed with in the years to come. When betaworks took over, Instapaper's only premium feature was full-text search. Since then, we've added an array of useful functions like unlimited highlighting, and we just launched text-to-speech playlists on iOS and Android.

We lightly touched on these changes when covering the previous update. Those who enjoy more functionality will surely welcome the new premium model. As always, Instapaper is paying attention to suggestions and feature requests, so be sure to keep submitting them to the team.

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