Instapaper for iOS updated with support for background updates

Popular read it later app Instapaper has just released an update that allows it to update in the background. This has been done using the iOS 7 background app refresh feature. According to Instapaper, background app refresh can be a big deal since it means you don't have to remember to open Instapaper periodically in order for it to pull in new articles.

Background app refresh is great and adds a lot of convenience but it can also cause your battery life to take a hit or run up cellular usage if you aren't careful. Luckily, Instapaper has kept both of these in mind:

And of course we implemented background app updates while respecting your Instapaper Update settings. We’ll only execute background app updates if your settings are configured to “Automatic Updates” or “WiFi Only Updates” while you’re on a WiFi network. So there’s no need to worry about Instapaper running up usage on your cellular data plan.

You can of course turn off background app refresh if you'd like, as you can for any other app that supports it. For apps like Instapaper, it is a very nice option since you won't run into the problem of forgetting to updating articles before boarding a flight where you have no WiFi or a subway tunnel with no cellular service.

Some people are reporting that the update to Instapaper has already went live for them while others haven't seen it come through just yet. Either way, hit the link below from your iPhone or iPad to grab the updated version.

Source: Instapaper

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