InstaPDF for iOS and Mac updated to 4.0 with new features to improve your workflow

With version 4.0, InstaPDF for Mac has scored some new features to make managing your files a tad easier. Firstly, users can now easily drag and drop documents between their InstaPDF account and their computer. Additionally, the app has picked up a number of keyboard shortcuts, as well as single-click management for bundles. It's important to note, however, that this is a public beta, so you may run into some bugs here and there.

On the iOS side of things, the app has been updated with several new features intended to improve your workflow:

  • Autocrop: Paper documents are automatically detected and captured. True one tap scanning has arrived.
  • Filters: New filters will improve scan quality overall
  • QR Code Scanner: Read QR codes conveniently
  • Scan Rotations: Rotate your images to fit the chosen scan format
  • Design: Overall improvements to design and usability
  • Sync: Completely rewritten sync engine that syncs all your documents constantly and enables local search
  • Bundles: Edit and create bundles is now super easy. Multiple documents can now be added and removed from an existing bundle
  • Document Viewer: Improved speed and reliability whilst viewing your scans.

If you'd like to give either version a shot, you can check them out from the links below.

  • InstaPDF 4.0 for iPhone (Free) Download
  • InstaPDF 4.0 for Mac (Free, Public Beta) Download

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