Some Intel Execs must be still quite jealous that Apple went with the ARM architecture for the iPhone and left Intel waiting at the altar. At a Intel Developer Forum in Taipei, Taiwan, two Intel Execs claimed that the iPhone struggles with "any sort of application that requires any horse power" and that Apple fell short in delivering a full internet browsing experience.

Huh. Color us confused. We've been using the iPhone as our daily driver since it came out and we thought that this was the most--or at least one of the more-- powerful phones on the market. We've been using apps and playing games that show off the pure power of the iPhone that no other phone can run. And that Internet we browse on Mobile Safari? I guess that's not best-in-class either. Though we still can't seem to find a comparable experience, well, anywhere.

The ARM architecture may have its faults but to say the iPhone is slow, underpowered, and fails to deliver the Internet? Did these guys even use the thing? I think good 'ol Intel should give the TiPb headquarters a visit and we'll show them how the iPhone, of this world, works.

What do you guys think? Does the iPhone really suck that much? Or has Intel gone crazy?

Photo Credit: Suzanne Tindal/ZDNet