The folks at Intel have not given up on their Thunderbolt data and display port technology. The company will be holding a media event at Computex in Taiwan on June 2 where it will reveal 'the next generation of Thunderbolt." Intel has not offered up any more details about what will be discussed or shown at the press event.

Intel first announced the current Thunderbolt 2 technology in 2013, which supports data transfers of up to 20Gbps, along with support for up to 4K displays. Apple has used Thunderbolt ports in its older MacBooks, but didn't include it as part of the newest MacBook model. Indeed, Thunderbolt itself has never caught on as a major rival to the USB standard.

Plans for "Thunderbolt 3" have been kept under wraps by Intel, but it's reportedly set to double the bandwidth of the current version to 40Gbps and come with a connector that's 3mm shorter than the current iteration (which shares a plug shape and compatibility with Mini DisplayPort). The faster speeds would enable greater display support for Thunderbolt 3-equipped computers, with a single port able to drive two daisy-chained 4K displays. Additionally, Thunderbolt 3 is reliant on Intel's upcoming Skylake processor to provide enough bandwidth to make that possible. So while Thunderbolt 3 looks to be seeing a reveal at Computex (and we'll be there to bring you all the latest), we wouldn't count on seeing new Macs with the connector for several more months.