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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich is promising that their next generation Broadwell CPUs will be in computers in time for this year's holiday season. The processors, which were pushed back late last year, promise to bring increased efficiency and power over the already impressive efficiency of the Haswell chips in modern Macs.

Krzanich told Reuters:

"I can guarantee for holiday, and not at the last second of holiday. Back to school - that's a tight one. Back to school you have to really have it on-shelf in July, August. That's going to be tough."

So, by the end of the year, we might be looking at the first substantial overhaul of the Mac line-up in over a year. Apple has for the past several years worked closely with Intel and has been among the first (if not the first) to sell computers new Intel processors to the public.

Broadwell doesn't promise massive performance improvements, but it does aim to increase processor efficiency by up to 30%. While that doesn't mean you'll get 30% better battery life out of a Broadwell-equipped MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, it does mean that we should expect a non-incosequential bump to longevity — especially on the lower-power MacBook Air line-up.

With Intel aiming to get Broadwell out by the holidays, who is looking forward to getting a shiny new Mac to close out the year?

Source: Reuters