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Nearly everyone playing Pokémon Go has a fun story about going out into the world and having fun. With new people to meet, new experiences to share, and new Pokemon to catch and brag about on Facebook, there's a lot going on. The most amazing part of all this craze is knowing this is just the beginning. Pokémon Go scratches the surface of the Pokémon world, and there are so many more feature that can and will be added as the game matures.

It's an exciting adventure, and it's clearly here to stay. While we write about all of the incredible things happening in this game, we're also going to talk about Pokemon Go in a more personal format — a Podcast!

Go Time is a weekly podcast featuring one person from Instinct, Mystic, and Valor sharing their experiences, talking about adventures in the Pokémon Go community, and of course any strategies or tips we encounter along the way. We'll be doing guest interviews, contributions from as many players as we can find, and possibly even organizing Pokéventures for groups to go on in the future! It's going to be a lot of fun, and we hope you join us for this conversation.

You can check out Go Time — a Pokémon Go Podcast on:

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